Fiber Reinforced Plastic Manufacturer

Certification according to ISO 17024 | Non-accredited area

The Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority at Fraunhofer FIT certifies qualifications in the field of fiber composite materials. 

The certificate "Fiber Reinforced Plastic Manufacturer" certifies the ability of the graduates to manufacture high-quality FRP components using manual production methods. The graduates have knowledge about theoretical and practical aspects of manual manufacturing methods. This covers various components and geometries and also the effective machining of FRP components. The identification and prevention of sources of defects are included. The proper use of work equipment and personal protection equipment is also covered.

The course is aimed at company employees whose work involves handling or fabricating fiber reinforced plastics and at those who wish to enter this technical field.

Passing the final examination results in the award of a certificate as "Fiber Reinforced Plastic Manufacturer".