Data Scientist Specialized in Trustworthy AI

Certification according to ISO 17024 | Non-accredited area

With the certificate "Data Scientist specialized in Trustworthy AI" we certify relevant innovative practical knowledge and proven competence in the fields of action that are relevant to the protection of AI applications. A "Data Scientist specialized in Trustworthy AI" is familiar with the functionality of trustworthy machine learning methods and the specific risks of AI applications. He also knows which metrics can be used to measure the risks and which methods can be used to counter them.

The examination is aimed at project managers and data scientists who want to prove a comprehensive overview in the field of trustworthy AI.

Examination Content

  • Challenges and approaches in the field of "trustworthy" AI.
  • Fundamentals of machine learning
  • Ethical issues, autonomy, and control in the context of AI applications
  • Fairness of data and AI models
  • Privacy and security in the context of AI applications
  • Robustness and adversarial attacks
  • Uncertainty of AI models (Uncertainty)
  • Transparency and explainability of AI models
  • Systematic approach for trustworthy AI applications

Registration and examination regulations


The examinations in the field of Data Science are conducted in attendance or as online proctored examination. All information about the online proctored examination can be found here


To register, please follow this link.

Examination dates

presence exam (P) | online proctored (O)