Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority

Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority

The Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority at Fraunhofer FIT qualificates in different fields. Certificates awarded by the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority objectively attest the exam taker's relevant, innovative knowledge and practical experience in the respective fields. The actual and perceived value of professional training increases considerably when it includes such a certification. The convergence of research, real-life application, and innovation at Fraunhofer FIT guarantees the relevance of the exam contents and their focus on innovation and furthering the field.

DAkkS Accreditation

The national Accreditation Body of the Federal Republic of Germany “Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle” (DAkkS) confirms the competence of the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority to certify further education participants according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024. As part of the accreditation in the area of "Usability Engineering", the DAkkS annually verifies the conformity of the work processes of the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority with the specifications of ISO 17024, which are applied in all certification areas. In the accredited area of "Usability Engineering", the quality of the content of the testing and certification services is also evaluated.

Information about online examinations

The contact and travel restrictions associated with the Covid 19 pandemic also affect the examinations at the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority, which are conducted with personal attendance under normal circumstances. In order to offer our participants the opportunity to have their qualifications certified, we currently offer examinations online. This procedure is often associated with concerns about data protection or the technical implementation. We would therefore like to make our procedure as transparent as possible and give our participants the opportunity to address important questions concerning online examinations.

Examination dates 2021

  • Usability Engineer: 25. Sep. | 14. Dez. 
  • Digital Twins: 25. Nov.
  • PLM: 15. Jun. | 14. Sep.

Data Science examinations will be carried out as online examinations until further notice.

  • Data Scientist − Basic Level
    Sep. 18th | Oct. 2nd | Oct. 30th | Nov. 27th | Dec. 18th
  • Data Scientist − Data Analytics
    Sep. 24th | Oct. 1st | Nov. 19th
  • Data Scientist − Big Data Analytics
    Nov. 12th
  • Data Scientist − Data Management
    Oct. 7th | Dec. 6th
  • Data Scientist − Deep Learning
    Oct. 8th | Nov. 18th
  • Data Scientist − Trustworthy AI
    Nov 19th

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