Data Scientist Specialized in Big Data Analytics

Certification according to ISO 17024 | Non-accredited area

This examination follows the offerings "Data Scientist Basic Level" and "Data Scientist Specialized in Data Analytics”.

The certificate attests graduates relevant innovative practical knowledge and proven competence.

Target group: Analysts who want to expand their skills in evaluating large data sets.Software developers/architects who develop systems with analytical issues.

Examination Content

  • Embedding model creation and application in a Big Data architecture
    • Challenges of Big Data for Data Analysis
    • Building a recommendation system
    • Data Understanding and Feature Generation for Big Data Analysis
    • Model development and application in Big Data environments
    • Analysis of data streams
  • Data Analysis with Spark
    • Spark and PySpark
    • Linear regression with Spark
    • The Spark Machine Learning Library
    • Data Analysis with Spark and Python
    • Graphical workflows for data analysis with Spark
    • Big Data Algorithms: Locality Sensitive Hashing and Applications
  • Advanced methods, tools and deployment
    • Deployment: saving, loading models in PMML and Spark
    • Use of Spark Feature Generation, Spark Pipelines and Spark Streaming
    • Advanced analytics techniques in Spark (training-test dataset, optimization, cross-validation, ensemble methods, pipelines)
    • Complex event detection for fraud detection complex event processing
    • Massively Parallel Databases
  • Practical application of advanced analysis methods with PySpark
    • Understanding and preparing data
    • Creating Features
    • Spark Machine Learning Library Pipelines
    • Big Data Algorithms

Registration and examination regulations


The examinations in the field of Data Science are conducted in attendance or as online proctored examination. All information about the online proctored examination can be found here


To register, please follow this link.

Examination dates

presence exam (P) | online proctored (O)