Usability Engineering Certificates

Certification according to ISO 17024

The Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority at Fraunhofer FIT certifies qualifications in the field of usability engineering for professionals.

The "Certified Usability Engineer" forms level A. Based on this and together with proven practical experience, certificates from level B can be acquired. These are the certificates

For detailed information on Level B / Specialist certifications, such as access requirements, please refer to the pages of the respective certification.

At Level C, the title "Senior Usability Engineer" is awarded if, in addition to the "Usability Engineer" and corresponding practical experience, at least one of the four certifications as

  • "Usability Engineer – Additional Qualification in User Requirements Engineering",
  • "Usability Engineer – Additional Qualification in Interaction and Information Design",
  • "Usability Engineer – Additional Qualification in Usability and User Experience Testing" and
  • "Usability Engineer – Additional Qualification in Usability-Process Management" (specialist in usability process management).

and additionally the certificate as

  • "Usability Engineer – Additional Qualification in Process Management".

can be proven.

Overview of certifications in the field of Usability Engineering