Information about online examinations

The written examinations at the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority are partly conducted online-proctored. Participation in an online-proctored examination is not mandatory. Participants may also choose to take a face-to-face exam. 

Our online examinations are conducted via learning management software on your own computer, which runs on a server of the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority. Accordingly, the data collected from participants can only be viewed by the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority.

In order to identify attempted cheating, an online proctoring tool is used. This software makes it possible to identify participants before the start of the examination by capturing their photo ID via web camera. Any information on the ID beyond identification can be censored. The examination environment is also recorded in advance by the participants via webcam. The participants are free to arrange the examination room in such a way that their privacy is protected as best as possible, for example by covering up pieces of furniture. Throughout the entire duration of the examination, the participants are recorded by the webcam and the microphone of the examination computer. The screen is also captured by the online proctoring software. The evaluation of the audio, video and screen data is carried out after the examination by employees of the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority on the basis of a defined list of criteria. The criteria are made available to the participants in advance of the examination. There is explicitly no automatic evaluation of the exam data by AI. The collected data is stored on European servers of the online proctoring provider and automatically deleted after 30 days at the latest. The online proctoring provider ensures that this data is stored securely and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The online proctoring provider does not have access to participant data such as name, address, answers and exam results.

Conditions of online examinations

  • Participation only upon fulfillment of the entrance requirements for the examination
  • Presentation of a valid photo ID for identification necessary
  • Laptop/computer with functional web camera, loudspeaker and microphone required
  • Stable internet connection should be available
  • The examination will be performed via Chrome, Edge, Opera or Brave
  • The plugin "Proctorio Chrome Extension" must be installed
  • Exam environment must not contain any documents, papers, notes or technical aids
  • Participants are not allowed to look at documents or take notes
  • Only one beverage bottle and one glass may be placed on the desk next to the computer (food is only allowed in exceptional cases).
  • Smoking is permitted during the examination (necessary items must be left open on the desk)
  • No other persons may be present in the examination room during the examination
  • Talking to oneself and talking to other persons is prohibited during the examination
  • Regular head and eye movements outside the screen field need to be avoided during the examination
  • Leaving the field of vision of the camera during the examination is prohibited
  • Exception: The examination room may be left once during the examination in order to quickly go to the toilet
  • Screen recordings and attempts to print out the exam are prohibited
  • Any attempt to cheat will be recorded and may lead to failure of the examination (the examination may be repeated if regular examination attempts are still possible)

The process of online examinations

Examination registration

  • Registration via training provider or via link on the website of Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority
  • Participants receive a RISE link with all information about the examination procedure by e-mail
  • Admission of the participants
  • Access data to learning management platform (where exam takes place): Participants receive project account via generated e-mail

Technical briefing

  • Usually two days before the examination
  • Introductory video with instructions on how to take online examinations
  • Execution of test examination in order to try out the procedure
  • FAQ and chat for open questions


  • Participation information must be read and accepted
  • Entering the examination by registration key
  • Proof of identity via identification document
  • Room recording via webcam
  • Examination time starts from the beginning of the actual examination (additional 15 minutes examination time for online examinations)
  • Exam time varies depending on the certification profile (refer to the respective certification manual)
  • Time remaining is displayed during examination
  • Different types of examination questions are asked depending on the certification profile (refer to the respective certification manual)
  • In case of technical issues the support of the online proctoring provider is available
  • The examination is automatically closed after the examination time has elapsed
  • During the entire duration of the examination, audio, video, and screen data of the participants are being recorded and stored

Correction, notification of examination results and certification

  • After the examination, the audio, video and screen data collected are reviewed by employees of the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority with regard to attempted cheating
  • Examination correction takes place within 20 working days
  • In order to pass the examination, 67% of the achievable points must be reached
  • In the case of an examination with several parts, 67% must be achieved for each part of the examination
  • Different numbers of points are awarded for each question/task depending on the level of difficulty (the points to be achieved per question are displayed in each case)
  • The result of the examination is announced to the participants in the form "passed" or "failed"
  • The result is communicated to the participants in writing by e-mail
  • In case of failure, the examination can be repeated a maximum of two times
  • Repeat examinations must be taken no later than one year after the failed examination

If you have concerns or questions about taking online examinations or are facing challenges (e.g., due to impairments), contact the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority.