Security Champion (Software Security) – Basic Level

Certification according to ISO 17024 | Non-accredited area

The Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority at Fraunhofer FIT certifies qualifications in the field of "Cyber Security". 

People with the "Security Champion (Software Security) – Basic Level" certificate 

  • can explain the role of the Security Champion, including the necessary competences and duties,
  • are sensitised to the topic of software security and know the associated terminology,
  • can define software security requirements for their product and carry out a risk analysis,
  • are familiar with the principles of secure design and defensive coding,
  • know the measures in the context of security testing, e.g. code review and static code analysis,
  • and can create security awareness and act as a multiplier in their team.

Overarching examination content

  • Awareness, terminology and the role of the security champion
  • Secure requirements and risk analysis
  • Secure design & defensive coding
  • Security testing & incident response
  • Soft skills in the context of software security