Level 1: Scientific Trainer Foundation Level

Certification according to ISO 17024 | Non-accredited area

Within the scope of the personnel certifications on Level 1 (Foundation Level), professionals prove their basic knowledge in the field as a trainer for professional training in a scientific context.

The certified Scientific Trainer Foundation Level are able to

  • describe their role as a trainer in the environment of a scientific institution.
  • understand the phases of development and operation of a continuing education program.
  • analyze the framework conditions and target groups of a continuing education program for transfer in a scientific context.
  • design a continuing education on-site and online on the basis of teaching-learning research, suitable models and methods as well as the requirements of the participants and clients.
  • prepare and conduct a continuing education with visualizations and interactive methods.
  • name quality criteria for the evaluation of continuing education in a scientific context and to collect, give and constructively implement feedback.

Examination dates

presence exam (P) | online proctored (O)


Examination fees

The examination fee for an initial examination is € 650,-. The examination fee for re-examinations is € 325,- per partial examination. The recertification fee is € 149,-.

Admission requirements for the examination

A certified "Certified Scientific Trainer Foundation Level" must demonstrate:

A successfully completed course of study at

  • a German scientific university,
  • a German state or state-recognized university of applied sciences,


  • a foreign university recognized by the competent authority of the country as equivalent


  • At least 2 years of work in the field of education as an employee at a university, non-university research institution or private scientific institution.


  • participation in a further training course recognized by the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority to become a Scientific Trainer Foundation Level.


  • a written concept of the continuing education unit that is to be performed in excerpts as part of the practical final examination.

The access requirements must be submitted in due time before the examination, at the latest one week before the examination date. An exception is the written concept of the continuing education unit, which must also be submitted up to one week before the examination, but for which changes can still be submitted up to 23:59 on the day before the examination. These changes must be indicated in the updated concept.

In the examination of the individual case, the applicant has the possibility to prove missing access requirements within one year after taking the examination.

Certification examination

The certification examination is divided into a theoretical examination part (written, 2 hours examination time) and a practical examination part (teaching sample, 25 minutes).

The examination is considered passed if at least 67% of the score to be reached is achieved in both examination parts.


Certification is awarded when all entry requirements have been fully met and both parts of the examination have been passed.

The validity period for certificates of the certification profile "Scientific Trainer Foundation Level" is 3 years. A recertification is required to extend the certificate.

Registration and examination regulations

If you want to register for the examination, please contact anke.fuhrmann@fit.fraunhofer.de.

The registration for the examination includes information about yourself, the type of examination (initial examination or re-examination) and the desired examination date as well as the agreement to the conditions of participation and the rights and obligations as a certificate holder. The conditions of participation and rights and obligations are part of the registration form. Further information can be found in the regulations.

For all certificates in the field of usability engineering the following certification manual including examination regulations is valid:


For all certification profiles in the field of Scientific Trainer a recertification is required after a certification period of three years minus one day after the last partial examination. This must be applied for at the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority before the certificate expires.

Deadline for application for recertification

The application for recertification must be formally submitted to the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority within the period of two years minus one day after the last partial examination to 2.5 years minus one day after the last partial examination.

The application for recertification must be accompanied by both proof of professional experience and proof of participation in a continuing education event.

For more information, please refer to the Certification Manual and Examination Regulations - Personnel Certification in the Field of Scientific Trainer.

Application for recertification

To apply for recertification, please contact anke.fuhrmann@fit.fraunhofer.de.


If the recertification requirements are met, the respective certificate will be renewed for another three years minus one day.

If the recertification requirements are not met, the validity of the respective certificate expires.