Quantum Technology Professional (QTP)

Certification according to ISO 17024 | Non-accredited area

The Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority at Fraunhofer FIT certifies qualifications in the field of quantum computing.

The certificate "Quantum Technology Professional QTP”certifies the graduates to know basics and the most important algorithms of quantum computing.

Target groups are Software Engineers, Data Scientists, QC Researchers, and Technology Scouts.

Examination Content

  • Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics
  • Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
  • Basic principles of quantum gates and circuits
  • Limitations of NISQ devices with respect to circuits
  • Fundamentals of Quantum Programming
  • Basics of Quantum Algorithms
  • Quantum Fourier Transform
  • Quantum Phase Estimation and Shor’s Algorithm
  • Grovers Algorithm
  • Quantum Amplitude Amplification
  • Quantum Error Correction
  • Quantum Error Mitigation