Level C: Senior Usability Engineer

Certification according to ISO 17024 | Non-accredited area

The Certified "Senior Usability Engineer" (Level C) has proven the breadth of his qualifications through

  • the certificate as "Usability Engineer" (Level A),
  • at least one of the certificates as "Specialist for User Requirements Engineering", "Specialist for Interaction and Information Design" or "Specialist for Usability Testing" (Level B),
  • the certificate as a specialist in "Usability Process Management" (Level B).
  • In addition, a candidate for certification must demonstrate at least two years of professional experience. The two-year period begins after obtaining the second of the two required Level B certificate degrees.


The validity of the certificate as "Senior Usability Engineer" is limited to 3 years. Recertification is required to extend the certificate.

Registration and examination regulations

The registration for the examination includes information about yourself, the type of examination (first or re-examination) and the desired examination date as well as the agreement to the conditions of participation and the rights and obligations as a certificate holder. The conditions of participation and rights and obligations are part of the registration form. Further information can be found in the regulations.

A detailed catalog of the competencies to be demonstrated can be viewed upon request after registration for the examination at the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority.

Please contact Mrs. Andrea Bernards if you have any questions regarding registration.

For information about the examination, please contact Mrs. Dorothea Kugelmeier.