Data Science Certificates

Certification according to ISO 17024 | Non-accredited area

1. Foundation Level

Data Scientist Basic Level

Data Scientist Specialized in Data Analytics

Data Scientist Specialized in Big Data Analytics

Data Scientist Specialized in Data Management

Data Scientist Specialized in Deep Learning and Generative AI

Data Scientist Specialized in Trustworthy AI

Data Scientist Specialized in Production

2. Advanced Level

Information about "Advanved Level"

3. Senior Level

Information about "Senior Data Scientist"

The Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority at Fraunhofer FIT certifies qualifications in the field of Data Science for professionals.

More and more companies are realizing the potential of the volumes of data available today and are beginning to redefine themselves as a "data-driven company". They are using predictive models to gain forecasts from data for decisions and actions at all levels of the business. To do this, they are forming teams with a special mix of skills. Here, "Data Scientists" who know how to use methods from computer science, statistics and mathematics are in enormous demand.

The certification takes these diverse tasks into account through a modular competence profile. The figure shows the structure in three levels. At the first level, the "Data Scientist Basic Level" certificate or alternatively a specialist certificate can be acquired. The Basic certificate and a Specialist certificate, together with proven practical experience, lead to certification as an "Advanced Data Scientist". Building on this, you can acquire the "Senior Data Scientist" certificate by documenting and presenting an independently conducted project. The certification is carried out by the Fraunhofer Personnel Certification Authority according to the specifications of DIN EN ISO 17024.