Data Scientist Specialized in Data Management

Certification according to ISO 17024 | Non-accredited area

With the certificate "Data Scientist Specialized in Data Management" we certify you broad knowledge in the areas of metadata management, data integration, data quality and data management planning.

A certified "Data Scientist Specialized in Data Management" is able to model and describe data correctly in order to prepare and analyze it effectively. He knows different types of software that he can use to structurally analyze and merge different data sources. In addition, he knows the basics about NoSQL database systems. He knows how data quality is measured and which data preparation methods are necessary to perform certain data analyses. In addition to pure technical skills, he is also trained in organizational aspects. He can lead an organizational unit structurally and organizationally to implement good data management practices.

Examination Content

  • Metadata Management
    • Methods for metadata extraction
    • Data modeling and semantic data description
    • Metadata standards
    • Basics of the Semantic Web and ontologies
  • Data Integration
    • Knowledge of data integration architectures and workflows
    • Methods for data preparation and handling of semi-structured data
    • Differences between data warehouse and data lake systems
  • Data Quality
    • Recognition of data quality problems
    • Data cleansing procedures
  • Data Analysis
    • Methods of visual and statistical data analysis
  • Data Management Planning
    • Methods for organizational implementation of good data management practices
    • Software and cost structures of data management software
    • Planning and budgeting of data management
    • Data management risks and optimization

Registration and examination regulations


The examinations in the field of Data Science are conducted in attendance or as online proctored examination. All information about the online proctored examination can be found here


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Examination dates

presence exam (P) | online proctored (O)